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Copyright free tracks. Perfect for YouTube Creators

download royalty free music for your youtube videos

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With the increasing popularity of YouTube as a platform for creators to showcase their talents, it has become crucial for them to find original and captivating music to accompany their videos. However, using copyrighted tracks can lead to copyright strikes, demonetization, or even the removal of their content. This is where copyright free music come in, providing creators with a wide range of high-quality tracks that they can use in their videos without any legal repercussions.

 Cosmic Kykeon concept series  |  cinematic ambient music&visuals using copyrighted tracks can lead to copyright strikes and demonetization on youtube

Creators have the ability to choose the music that best suits their content, whether it's a vlog, a tutorial, or a gaming video. This variety allows creators to develop their own unique style and create an immersive experience for their viewers. Moreover, copyright free tracks also provide an opportunity for lesser-known musicians and artists to have their music heard, as they often collaborate with platforms that offer copyright free music ( pond5, envato, artlist, Epidemic Sound, YouTube Audio Library etc.)

Royalty free music

studio, Royalty free music for filmakers

In conclusion, by using licensed music, creators risk having their videos flagged for copyright and, as a result, losing out on potential ad revenue. By utilizing copyright free music, creators can confidently monetize their content without the risk of copyright strikes or demonetization. Platforms providing copyright free tracks, have become an essential resource for editors, filmakers or youTube creators striving to deliver engaging and innovative content.

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