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Maingraph | the studio

The main aim of our studio is to achieve perfect end-product quality which is why Maingraph Digital Works stands out in its field. We deal with every project as unique and pay attention to detail. Our 15+ years of experience, 2k+ projects done, ensures our meeting the highest expectations in our field.

Latest Projects

  • Cynical - Archon (feat. Viviani Gonzalo) [Official visualiser]

    Official Visualizer Video for the new Cynical single 'Άρχων' featuring Viviani Gonzalo released on June 18, 2024.

  • Κωνσταντίνος Κουρμένταλας - Ξύπνα

    Music video

  • Taf Lathos - Eimai (Official Music Video)

    Music video

  • Quantum VI - Ακούει φωνές

    Music video

Lyric videos / music videos


    music video - animation

  • Μάκης Δράκος - 1000 Κύματα

    music video - filming | post production

  • TAΦ ΛΑΘΟΣ- Καλυψώ

    music video - animation

  • ΜΕΜΟRΑΙΝ - Vultures

    music video - filming | post production

  • Junior SP.'s Mashup

    music video - motion graphics

  • Μάκης Δράκος - Για μια ζωή

    Lyric Video

  • Razastarr - Όλοι οι Θεοί

    lyric Video - animation

  • Sonic - ένα Χ

    Lyric video

  • Cynical - Sarcastic

    Guitar playthrough

  • S.T.S.F. - Endless Sea feat. Manos Aggelakis

    music video - editing & post production

  • Oδυσσέας - Άπατη γη

    album official audio release - motion graphics

  • Muddy Vibez - Αφετηρία

    album official audio release - motion graphics

  • Hail!

    Video from live (kytaro club)

Proteas | the artist

Let`s communicate through colors, shapes and melodies

Royalty free music

Copyright free tracks. Perfect for YouTube Creators

Stock footage and images for the filmaker

On the link below, you can find our collection of custom made stock footage, music and images, for the filmaker

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